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Are you feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed? Worried you aren’t good enough? Want to feel better and enjoy life more?

Are you pressed for time and wish you could get more done?

Maybe you are riddled with shame, guilt and embarrassment about your body and your health? Are you disappointed with yourself for not engaging in healthy behaviors you know are good for you and you “should” do?

I can help!

Life is too short to just survive, that’s why I help people THRIVE!

I help people get through life with more ease and fulfillment. No more struggling to work harder and do better. It is possible to relax, breathe, and enjoy life while being more productive and effective than you have ever thought possible!


I am a licensed psychologist able to treat people anywhere in the state of California. I specialize in telehealth, or on-line video sessions. This means that regardless of your location or schedule, you can get the help you need without the added time and stress of a commute. I also offer a limited number of in-person appointments.  Please contact me for more information.


FIRST STEP: Click the “SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT” button and briefly describe what you are looking for in your treatment or what questions you have about working with me.

YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT: During your intake appointment, I will ask you many specific questions about your psychological and health history. As a new client, you can expect a thorough intake so that together we can identify and understand exactly where you want to go and what you would like to be different in your life. We will begin to set clear, specific goals based on your individual and unique needs.

FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS: During these 50 minute sessions, we will focus on practices that move you closer to your health and emotional goals. I help you weed out all of the noise that isn’t effective and focus in on practices that work. I teach you how to implement changes in your life in real-time, as well as troubleshoot, coach and encourage you through as we go. You will notice yourself develop new behaviors, habits, and attitudes, some of which may surprise you (in a delightful way). We will measure your progress, using well-researched, evidence-based approaches, to ensure your success.


  • Each Appointment: $350


I am a licensed psychologist treating people anywhere in the state of California. If you reside outside of California and are looking for a therapist in your state, you may find it helpful to read my article about finding a results oriented therapist first. (CLICK HERE) This article can also help you prepare and understand what to expect when meeting with me.

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Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando

Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando