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As we approach the end of October, we are now deep into Autumn; falling leaves, hot drinks, and sweaters abound. With the change in environment, and more darkness than light each 24 hours, we can experience fatigue and a sense of turning inwards. At the same time, all of our responsibilities remain, and energy is required to keep up with the typical pace of life, all while being aware that the planning of holiday festivities is just around the corner. While many of us enjoy the Fall, we may also find ourselves depleted, and motivation to maintain healthy behaviors may wane. If you are feeling a dip in your get-up-and-go, don’t despair. Take a breath (or three), let go of self-judgment, and read on for some helpful skills and strategies to keep you moving in a forward direction, even if it is at a slower, more gentle pace than the previous months. Remember, the turtle won the race.

In this issue, you will find a link to follow me on Instagram. “Dr. Bando” is new to Instagram and I am having so much fun posting up encouragement and useful links. You will also find an article related to body image and weight loss plus how to reinforce yourself in a way that supports lasting change. While you’re here, meet my colleague, Jennifer Joffe, health coach extraordinaire. Her story is inspiring and her work may help change your life for the better (think big!). Lastly, if you are interested in nutrition, lifestyle, and aging well and you’ve not yet heard of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, do yourself a favor and check out her summary of the research on sugar. You’re welcome.

Thank you so much for reading. I put out this monthly newsletter for no charge and develop all of the pieces on my own time. I do this with loving care because my hope is that something here nourishes you and adds joy, hope, and vibrancy to your life. Happy exploring!


Body Image and Weight Loss Part 3: Reinforcement

It is nearly impossible to turn on your TV, go online, or even go out in public without being bombarded by society’s idea of the ideal body. It is not only frustrating, but it can also be extremely discouraging. Experiencing this way of thinking on a regular basis can reinforce a “box thinking” mindset, that there is a particular way that each of us is supposed to look. This also makes it harder to take those steps towards change. Luckily, there is a way to overcome the feelings of stagnation and defeat with reinforcement.

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Jennifer Joffe is an Integrative Health Coach who focuses on self-love and compassion to help you realize the weight and lifestyle that best feeds you. She, herself, has lost over 100 pounds and coaches others to achieve a healthy self-image and develop a body in which you can move and feel free. Her style is no-nonsense, down-to-earth and compassionate. She is in the trenches with you. Jennifer has been there and done that and receives her clients’ stories and struggles with nonjudgment, fierce encouragement, and accountability. You can read about Jennifer’s inspiring story here, find out more about her health coaching program, Project Healthy Body here, and if you do some Google searching, can probably find a video of her Today Show appearance. Yep, she is that fierce and inspiring. Of my clients who have opted into her program over the years, they have all reported significant health benefits, more insight into what drives them and who they want to be, and overall feel empowered, healthy and able to enjoy life.


If you ask functional medicine doctors and most holistic health practitioners, they will tell you it is no coincidence that flu and cold season exists from October through February. The reason? SUGAR! We end October with Halloween candy and roll right into overstuffed Thanksgiving followed by cookie season, and then ride out the hangover through Valentine’s Day when chocolate is the traditional gift. If you L-O-V-E sugar on the holidays, you have no judgment coming from me. Our environment is not set up for us to sidestep sugar. It takes tons of resolve, pre-planning and careful self-guided reinforcement to avoid this tempting and very addictive trap. Maybe you are toying with the idea of cutting back on sugar and could use a little push? Perhaps you haven’t been thinking about it but would like to know more? Check out this informative video from Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and is a passionate educator teaching people how to live and age well. I have also provided a link to her website where she lists two pages of articles you can click and read about the effects of sugar on the body. Once you know, you know


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