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The key to change is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and then, go ahead and PRACTICE some more. My former Zen teacher reminded me often that we cannot force ourselves or anyone else to change. All we can do is show up every day and practice, until one day, what we have practiced becomes who we are. I love this way of thinking about change! This means we can throw away the overwhelming notion of having to jump from Point A to Point B. Rather, just show up and practice. We can do that! This month’s newsletter focuses on the spirit of practice and being a force to be reckoned with. Check out my Skills Roundup for coping with illness and meet the inspiring Tim Ferriss, pantomath extraordinaire who has personally fought Lyme Disease and is the king of life hacks. His book, “Tools of Titans” is my favorite coffee table book, providing motivation and expert tips. Please enjoy reading (or listening) to this month’s installment. Happy PRACTICING!




Coping with Chronic Illness: Skills Roundup
(Quick Reference Guide)
In this article, we will review and recap some of the tactics and practices that we discussed in the 3 previous Chronic Illness articles.
Hopefully, these ideas will prompt you to explore more of your own solutions, experiment with what works best for you, and above all, stay mindful of how your physical condition is affecting your mental and emotional health. At the bottom of each skill, you will find a “TAKE HOME MESSAGE” to help guide your practice. The skills are in no particular order of importance, so discover what speaks to you and start there.
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Tim Ferriss

Speaking of living and coping with chronic illness, Tim Ferriss is a force of nature. He is the bestselling author of 4-Hour Workweek, the 4-Hour Body and my favorite for inspiration: Tools of Titans.
Through his own diligent research and experimentation, Ferriss has been able to fight back against the symptoms of his own Lyme Disease, all but stopping it in its tracks, and prompting new research across the medical community.
His podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show, explores the processes and philosophies of the world’s top performers across a wide variety of disciplines, and Tim has used these nuggets of wisdom in his own life, becoming an advocate for healthy, highly effective approaches to fitness, work, diet, and life in general.
(You can find Tim’s books, more backstory, and episodes of his fascinating podcast at
If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend looking into his book Tools of Titans.


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