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Mid-year has me reflecting on how the seasons change: Spring into Summer, then Fall and Winter…Young to middle-aged, to old and all the stages in between…Life and death. All are part of the cycle we participate in. Losing people we love is, painfully, another natural part of that cycle. We all (hopefully) grow old, and eventually die. Gratefully, the lessons we pass on – and are passed on to us – stay alive.

In honor of Father’s Day this month, I would like to pay homage to some of the men in my life who I have loved and lost. My father passed away on Father’s Day and my grandfather would have turned 90 the day before Father’s Day this year, had he not passed in January. The best way I know to honor those who have touched my life is to take inspiration from them and pay it forward, continuing the cycles as they were handed down to me.

In this edition of my newsletter, you will find a memorial I wrote, highlighting just a few of the many lessons I learned from my grandfather. Lesson #1 is to Laugh Often, so I have also included some funny, family-related comedy clips for your amusement.


I will leave you with two take-home messages (take action if they speak to you):

1 – How have the men in your life influenced you to be and do better? Take a moment and appreciate their influence. Is there anything you would like to do or say to express your gratitude for their inspiration and influence?
2 – Laugh often! How can you increase the laughter in your life today? Laughing is good for the whole body and soul. Go for it!





Saying Goodbye to Gramps

My grandfather was a great man. He was kind, patient, dependable, and no matter what, funny. Even in the emergency room at age 89, days before his death, he had me in stitches.

Frail, confused, scared, and physically uncomfortable, he waited over 9 hours in the cold, chaotic ER to be admitted and finally settle into a quiet and warm room. My mother took the first half of the shift waiting with him, and I was lucky enough to take the latter half, lasting until 1:00am. We were so excited when the nurse told us his room was finally ready, we both looked like we won the lottery and I took a selfie to send to my family.


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Please enjoy these family and age-related clips from stand up comics. Whether Father’s Day brings up joy and love, or other more difficult or conflicting emotions, laughter can be the best medicine. Now go tickle that funny bone!


Nick Swardson – Old People:




Sebastian Maniscalco – Meemaw:



Lachlan Patterson – The new old people are going to suck:



Hilarious Grandma Stand Up Comedienne:





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