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July Newsletter

Welcome to my July newsletter and Happy Summertime!

Hopefully, most of us are enjoying warm weather, barbeques, and outdoor fun. Many of my conversations lately have been about leveling up and optimizing the life we have been given. I don’t know if the energy of summer is responsible, but the vibe I’m feeling is wanting to take a juicy bite out of what life has to offer, step fully into our greatest selves, and thrive!

I’ve written an article titled, “FEAR IS POWER”, found in this issue. You’ll discover how to not only utilize fear to your advantage, but to also go out and find fear, look him in the eyes, and run toward him at full speed. Read (or listen) on to find out more. In this issue, you’ll also learn about Dr. Victoria Beckner, a psychologist who expertly teaches why we become afraid, what to do to conquer our fears, and how to become a master of them.


Featured Article:

Fear is Power

On a daily basis, I work with my clients on the concept of not just tolerating, but truly and fully embracing fear. For many, radical welcoming and leaning into the emotion of fear is the key needed to unlock the door to freedom. Still, I hear many objections:

Why would I want to feel more fear? It’s awful!”

“Um, can’t I just find a workaround? I mean, why would I want to dive face-first into fear if I can find an easier route?”

Featured Professional:

Victoria Beckner

Victoria Beckner, Ph.D., is a San Francisco-based psychologist who wrote the book on treating post traumatic stress, literally.  Dr. Beckner is an expert in conquering anxiety and all kinds of fear-based challenges and disorders. Even if you do not suffer from PTSD, I recommend this book.. Dr. Beckner explains fear and trauma (which we all experience at some point, in one form or another) in a user-friendly way, including many real-life examples, and provides a positive, encouraging outlook. Dr. Beckner explains how we get through trauma and experience growth, meaning, and empowerment.



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