Mindfulness-Based and Results Oriented Therapy in Sacramento, CA

Effective therapy empowers you to live the life you want, teaching you skills that bring happiness and fulfillment. Learning to deal with life’s setbacks with wisdom and kindness, means you don’t stay in therapy forever, but learn how to create the change you want in your own life.

Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando’s revolutionary approach brings together her extensive training and experience as a licensed psychologist in Sacramento, to help you find and keep the peace, happiness and ease you’ve been looking for.

Anxiety and Depression

Worry, stress, and mood swings take their toll on your energy and your ability to look after yourself and those around you. With a fresh perspective and inspiring approach, Dr. Bando can help you find long-term relief from anxiety and depression in Sacramento without medication.


Relationships can be both a source of great joy and stress in our lives. Learning how to better understand your relationships with Dr. Bando in Sacramento can help you stop repeating old patterns and find greater fulfillment and meaning in your interactions with others.


Are you always hard on yourself no matter how much you achieve? Can’t seem to satisfy your inner critic, no matter what you do? With teletherapy in Sacramento, Dr. Bando will help you bring gentle awareness to your self-criticism and learn a more effective and useful way to relate to yourself, so you can find greater happiness and success where you used to find fault and failure.


Chronic dieting and overeating aren’t just bad for your physical health, they impact your mind as well. Dr. Bando specializes in providing highly effective techniques to free you from negative body image, compulsive overeating, and emotional eating, allowing you to develop a healthy relationship with your body through therapy in Sacramento.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dr. Bando has always been a scientist and uses scientifically grounded, evidence-based techniques like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for her therapy practice in Sacramento. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) helps you recognize long-term patterns to transform them into a more effective and meaningful approach to life.

Work ith Dr. Bando

Dr. Bando offers therapy through on-line video telehealth sessions, so you can receive the care you need, when and where ever you need it.

Discuss your needs and requirements for therapy with Dr. Bando and schedule a free initial consultation in Sacramento to start bringing greater positivity and ease to your life today.


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Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando

Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando