Mindfulness-Based and Results Oriented Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Are you feeling stressed, anxious and worried that no matter what you do, you’re not good enough? Would you like to find new energy to approach every day and every interaction with vitality?

With a Ph.D .in Clinical Therapy and accreditation as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando can show you a new way to bring greater happiness and productivity to your life with convenient teletherapy in Los Angeles, California.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dr. Bando delivers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as one of her techniques for evidence-based telehealth therapy in Los Angeles. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a unique approach that helps you learn how to respond to your feelings in a healthy, productive way for greater wellbeing and ongoing positivity.


Compulsive eating, emotional eating, an inability to lose or maintain body weight, and poor body image can all stem from a lack of self-confidence along with unhealthy diet and eating patterns. Find a healthier way to relate to food and your body, and change the patterns caused by chronic dieting and overeating with Dr. Bando in Los Angeles.


Our relationships give our life meaning, but they can also be a source of stress, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. Learn how to find more happiness and fulfillment in your relationships with Dr. Bando’s personal therapy in Los Angeles.

Anxiety and Depression

You don’t have to spend your days wracked with worry and stress, and you deserve to look forward to your life. Working with Dr. Bando for depression and anxiety in Los Angeles offers holistic, drug-free healing to bring ease and well-being into every day.


Is your constant negative self-talk getting you down? With Dr. Bando’s help through professional telehealth therapy in Los Angeles, you can find freedom from self-criticism, allowing you to get more of what you want from life.

Work with Dr. Bando

Offering on-line video therapy sessions for your convenience, you can have a session with Dr. Bando at your location, at a time that suits you.

Talk to Dr. Bando about how telehealth therapy sessions in Los Angeles can help you discover and develop a happier, healthier you.


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Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando

Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando