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For return readers, you will notice that I’ve changed the format around a bit to not only include my current writing/articles, but also what’s fresh on my mind, and some relevant commentary on what’s happening in the world around us. In this issue, please enjoy Part 2 of my Body Image and Weight Loss series, an introduction to a psychiatrist who prescribes NO medication (shocking, yet true!) and a little tidbit on healthy eating and what happens under the influence of a big corporation not interested in our health or side effects.
Great news: My recent articles are now available in podcast form. This means that you can choose to read or listen.
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My featured article for the month of August is Part 2 of my Body Image and Weight Loss series. In this installment, I discuss Nonjudgment/Curiosity, and I also have a guided practice that you can listen to, which will help you along the path of Nonjudgment. Click here for Part 2
You can also read/listen to Part 1 of this series by clicking here.


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Kelly Brogan is a NY-based psychiatrist who prescribes NO medication “under any circumstances, ever.” Rather, she helps people eliminate their psychotropic medications (anti-depression, anti-anxiety, and even anti-psychotics) and change their lifestyle with some remarkable results. Much like my perspective, Dr. Brogan is an advocate of informed consent. Simply put, this translates to educating the consumer/patient by making relevant information available and understandable so that YOU, the consumer, can make an informed choice. Too often, doctors prescribe medication without offering other options or even assessing the patient’s lifestyle. If you are curious about some possible alternatives to psych meds, check out this podcast (Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Brogan).

Disclaimer: While I may agree with some opinions that some people discuss, my endorsement is never of the entire person and is not an implication that I agree with everything they say or do. As always, please filter everything through your wisdom; use what works for you and discard what doesn’t.


Monsanto supplies Starbucks with their milk products? This means that every time you order a mocha, latte, frappacino, or any Starbucks drink with dairy, you are getting a dose of Monsanto’s chemicals as well. Buyer beware, and take heart: I say this without judgment and simply for your own information. Knowledge is power and you may do with it as you wish. Recently, I was driving with a friend (I was the passenger) and she said, “Don’t hate me, but I just really want to stop at Starbucks right now!” Even though she has known me for a few decades, because of my personal boycott of Starbucks, she assumed I would look down on her choice. Rather, I told her that I choose not to spend my money at Starbucks and make information available to others who want to receive it but I do not wish to make anyone’s choices for them. Long story short, I sat with her in the Starbucks drive-thru while she purchased her drink, and we continued our friendly conversation. The point here is that education is for empowerment, not to control others’ choices. So, no judgment from me if your everyday morning routine involves Starbucks or Monsanto-supplied milk right out of your fridge. I do support your right to know what is going into your body and your right to choose whatever decision you make about that. As always, consult your wisdom.

Speaking of Monsanto, did you see this recent article? Monsanto has been ordered to make a huge payout to a school’s groundkeeper who contracted cancer after years of spraying their pesticide as a part of his job. This is more information to keep in mind regarding Monsanto products and the risk to your health.

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