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Amanda Gale Bando, Ph.D.

Shift from surviving to thriving!

Mindfulness-based and results-oriented therapy

If you are ready for change, I can help!

I am a licensed psychologist who can help you successfully reach your goals and change behaviors, habits, and attitudes.

Let’s focus on your true values and break through obstacles to get you more of what you want out of life!

My approach to solving depression and anxiety is rooted in scientific knowledge and tailored uniquely to my clients and your specific situations.

I will empower you to make the choices and changes you need help with, from offering alternatives to medications to helping you reach your relationship goals.

If you are ready to make positive and lasting changes in your health and well-being, contact me today and start shifting from surviving to thriving!

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April Newsletter

April is the quarter-mile mark. We officially have 25% of 2019 in our rearview. This is a good time of year to ask yourself how it’s going – though I suppose the answer depends on what measurement tool you use. The “compare-yourself-to-someone-else” ruler is usually inaccurate, either underestimating or overemphasizing challenges and accomplishments alike. Rather, […]

Personal Responsibility

The Importance of Personal Responsibility How often have you been driving and thought: “If that car in front of me would just move out of the way, I could get where I’m going faster?” These kinds of thoughts cross my mind often. If that car would move, or if that person would stop using that […]

March Newsletter

In just a couple of short days, Spring will officially be upon us. This change in season, with its blooming flowers, and new foliage on trees, tends to revitalize many people. It is a time to shed winter clothes, shake off the cob webs, and take care of those projects that have been put off […]

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Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando

Dr. Amanda Gale-Bando